3/Premium Large Bust Torso Hanging Body Form Mannequin – Set of 3 (Black)

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Color:Black Proper Form’s Exclusive Hanging Body form was created to support Intimate/Lingerie Retailers, Swim Shops and Specialty Stores display their merchandise in a more realistic, upscale and flattering way. Great merchandising displays are a part of the formula for creating best sales and this High Quality, Premium Injection Molded Hanging Body Form was designed using feedback from real intimate apparel sellers making it the ULTIMATE in garment display forms. Sell your apparel quicker by enhancing your customer experience when you feature your garments at their best. Created from a durable yet flexible lightweight plastic specifically selected for ease in dressing, this body form’s features also include smooth, round molded edges to prevent garment snags. The full ‘D’ cup bust line allows Sellers to feature their garments in an elevated, full and dimensional presentation, making even the skimpiest attire appear more visually attractive. Customers who sell their lingerie using Proper Form body forms see a more realistic view of how the product will look and fit without having to try garments on.



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