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AKTRADING Dry Fast Reticulated Outdoor Foam – Perfect for Long Term Outdoor Patio Furniture use. (2 x 24 x 72)

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Size:2′ x 24′ x 72′ If you are looking for a durable foam that can adapt to different weather all year round our Dry Fast Outdoor Foam is perfect for you. Our Dry Fast foam is 100% Polyurethane, 24 inches wide and 72 inches long. This is an open cell foam that is proven and tested to dry quicker than other options. It can be used in a variety of location and purposes including on patios, outdoor bench, car cushions, foam mattresses, bedding support, pool areas, boats, and anywhere else prone to moisture. While there are plenty of foams which dry quickly because of the larger cells, this option can dry quickly even after complete and total saturation which is definitely a game changer for many applications.Best of all, it’s antimicrobial to help suppress and prevent microorganism growth of bacteria and fungi which can be a really big problem in areas prone to moisture. Whether for boat seats, patio cushions, or as a bedding solution for those with medical concerns, this type of foam is a great solution for a range of needs. Proper Care: If you begin to notice them getting a little dirty, they are easily cleaned. Simply remove it from its covering (we recommend using waterproof breathable outdoor fabrics) and give the cushion a soaking rinse with the hose. The pressure and amount of water can force out the grit and dirt through the wide cells in a way rain cannot. Afterward, the cushion only needs to be placed outside or in a well-ventilated area. Drying should not take longer than a day if placed outside, so there is no issue with direct exposure to the sun to help dry the foam. Fans are useful for drying the cushions indoors. These water-resistant qualities make it perfect for wicker chair cushions as well as a settee cushion in an outdoor bench.



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