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Amsterdam Acrylic Standard Series Paint Set 36x20ml

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An excellent medium body acrylic paint for the artist who seeks high quality and high value. Made in Holland from carefully selected pigments. Features include a very high level of lightfastness, 100% acrylic resin for durable paint film, can be thinned with water, short dry time, and virtually odorless. This set includes (36) 20ml tubes: 3 each of titanium white (105), and 1 each of in: zinc white (104), titanium buff deep (290), naples yellow deep (223), naples yellow red (224), nickel titanium yellow (274), greenish yellow (243), azo yellow lemon (267), primary yellow (275), azo yellow medium (269), azo orange (276), vermillion (311), naphthol red medium (396), pyrrole red (315), carmine (318), primary magenta (369), persian rose (330), permanent red violet (567), permanent blue violet (568), ultramarine (504), primary cyan (572), brilliant blue (564), sky blue light (551), Prussian blue (phthalo) (566), turquoise blue (522), yellow green (617), permanent green light (618), permanent green deep (619), olive green deep (622), sap green (623), yellow ochre (227), raw sienna (234), burnt sienna (411), burnt umber (409), neutral grey (710), and oxide black (735).



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