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Seat Cushion – High Density 5x 24x 80 (1546)Firm (Sofa Seat Replacement Foam Cushion, Upholstery Foam, Foam Padding)

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Our foams are made in the USA! High Density Polyurethane Foam 1.5 density rating and 46 pounds compression rate (Firm). 100% recovery rate. Polyurethane Foam one of the more impressive everyday uses of polyurethane foam is in mattresses, mattress toppers, mats, temporary mats, couch, seat and bench cushions because of its comfort and lifespan. Quality foam that is designed for heavy traffic and high use applications. Today’s high density polyurethane foam will retain its form and support, extending the life of your mattress, couch or chair for years to come! This makes polyurethane an ideal choice of oddly shaped custom cushion needs, such as cushioning for an RV, boat or refurbished vintage furniture. Polyurethane foam is available in varying firmness and qualities. Polyurethane foam cushions are the ideal solution for upholstery, camping pads and mattresses. Whether you need the perfect cushion for a boat seat, a custom foam cushion for an RV, new polyurethane foam cushions to restore an old sofa or chair. Will Last 3 to 7 Years. *** CARE INSTRUCTION *** FOAM PACKAGES NEED TO BE OPENED IMMEDIATELY ONCE YOU RECEIVE THE PACKAGE. DO NOT LET THE FOAM SIT UNOPENED FOR MORE THAN 1 WEEK IN ORDER TO PREVENT DAMAGE! DO NOT OPEN WITH A BOX CUTTER! USE A BALL POINT PEN OR A PENCIL. START BY MAKING A LITTLE INCISION AND BREAK IT FROM THERE. When unpacking *** must take the compressed foam out of the box *** unrolled to relax on flat surface for compressed foam cells to breathe in the air *** allow at least 3 to 4 days for the foam to breathe in order to recover its original size and form from being compressed for shipping *** we compress everything down to the most economical size to keep our shipping cost down. For orders to Alaska and Hawaii, customers should send a message or contact us through amazon contact seller “Isellfoam” with their order so shipping costs can be computed fairly.



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